Just for Students

At GHS, your financial education starts here!

High School and College Students are welcome to join GHS and can enjoy many of the privileges and benefits of being a credit union member! Why not start managing your money smart, right from the beginning? Students

  • Open a checking account
  • Finance your first car
  • Apply for a GHS Student VISA credit card (link to more info)
  • Learn about what your credit score means and how to protect it

We love answering questions and educating students of all ages about every aspect of money management, as well as the ins and outs of financing, navigating the maze of financial aid, and so much more.  GHS has been helping students just like you, build strong financial futures since 1940. 

 High School Students:


Why Go to College?

More Opportunities.  Attending college opens doors to more opportunities, learning more skills, and higher paying jobs. A degree puts you in the running for jobs where as others without a degree may be overlooked. As well as heading you off on a career path, college enriches your cultural and social opportunities. You will become a well rounded individual through academics, exposure to diversity and culture, and real-life situations. This will enable you to interact well with others in a variety of circumstances.

More Income. It has been proven that those who obtain a Bachelors Degree live healthier -longer lives, have higher employment rates, make more money, have more confidence, and have more opportunities made available to them. Note: The average person with a college degree will make a million dollars more than one without a degree during the course of a lifetime. (Information provided by "College Board").

 How to Apply for a Student Loan

Student VISA Credit Card*

  • No credit card history required
  • Low APR
  • No annual fee or cash advance fee
  • ATM access with your PIN

Visit our VISA page for more information

*Credit approval may require a guarantor or a co-signer