Hey Kids!  You can join GHS, too! 

Kids Playing

You are never too young (or too old!) to learn about how money works.  By joining GHS you can find out how easy and fun it can be to save money and so much more. Open an account now because the sooner you start, the brighter your future will be!


Kids Klub

This kool Klub is just for kids under 17. Here's how it works: If you have $5.00 already saved up, you can open a savings account* of your very own.   You can learn how to save and earn more money by going to our special website just for Kids Klub members.

Just for Kids Klub members:

  • A Kid's Klub Membership Card
  • Kid's Klub Newsletters
  • Special contests for different age groups
  • Special rewards for making deposits


Check out Googolplex!  It's a fun site with interactive games, videos and colorful stories that help you learn about money! 

Kris Kringle Holiday Klub

Want to save for special holiday gifts? This is a great way to do it! This Holiday Klub helps you set a goal and save to meet that goal - it's an awesome and easy way to do something nice for the special people in your life.

Junior Term Share Accounts (Certificates of Deposits)

We want kids to learn to love to save money, so that's why we offer a special Junior Share Term Account just for kids that earns a higher rate of interest - to keep kids, you know, interested! We have also lowered the minimum balance required to earn Term Share dividends to make it even more rewarding to save money.

X-tra Kool Stuff for Middle School Students

Middle School Students (at least 13 years old) who join GHS get all kinds of great stuff they can really use, like...

  • Important money info mailed right to you at home

 *At 18 the account becomes a regular GHS Share Savings Account. All account rules and regulations will apply.