It is officially SUMMER!

Summer vacations are being booked, pool parties are being planned, and the kids are out of school with a lot of extra free time! Of course you have summer plans, but what better time to introduce everyone to some new reading material!? Even better, the opportunity to read about financial wellness!

Rebecca Sheppard, from Benzinga (a Financial Media Blog), has put a Finance Summer Reading List for all ages! Sure, personal finance may not seem like the typical poolside read, but these reads may surprise you. Here you will find a list of the TOP FINANCIAL PICKS for the summer!


Children’s Books about Finances

Some of these classics may not be in-your-face financial impressions; however the lessons within their stories provide solid foundations for your child to understand. The important thing is to plant the seed of financial literacy while they are young and to demonstrate that money management doesn’t have to be a drag.

  • “Ramona,” by Beverly Cleary
  • “Coat of Many Colors,” by Dolly Parton
  • “Amelia Bedelia Means Business,” by Herman Parish
  • “Hothead,” by Cal Ripken Jr.
  • “The Mighty Miss Malone,” by Christopher Paul Curtis
  • “The Lemonade War,” by Jacqueline Davies

For The Younger Audience

These books are geared toward a younger audience, by addressing the basics of personal finance in a way that is both approachable and easily comprehendible.

  • “The Complete Guide To Personal Finance For Teenagers,” by Tamsen Butler
  • “You’re So Money: Live Rich Even When You’re Not,” by Farnoosh Torabi
  • “The Thin Green Line,” by Paul Sullivan
  • “Live Richer Challenge,” by Tiffany Aliche
  • “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” by Robert Kiyosaki

For The Young-At-Heart

With age comes different life-scenarios. As retirement shifts from a far-off possibility to an impending reality, financial situations change. Geared toward the more mature audience, the following books address subjects that are more appropriate for older adults.

  • “The Charles Schwab Guide to Finances After Fifty: Answers to Your Most Important Money Questions,” by Carrie Schwab Pomerantz
  • “Personal Finance For Seniors For Dummies,” by Eric Tyson
  • “How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free,” by Ernie Zelinski
  • “The Number,” by Lee Eisenberg
  • “Don’t Let An Old Person Move Into Your Body,” by Jim Donovan

Great Reads For Anyone

Some books cannot be categorized by audience age. Below are a few of the best financial titles for readers of all ages.

  • “Personal Finance For Dummies,” by Eric Tyson
  • “The Millionaire Next Door,” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko
  • “The Truth About Money,” by Rick Edelman
  • “The Debt Escape Plan,” by Beverly Harzog
  • “Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School?: 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By,” by Cary Siegal
  • “The Richest Man in Babylon,” by George S. Clason

For The Visual Learners

Taking a page out of CheatSheet’s guide to financial literacy through comics, the titles below are all visually stimulating, while maintaining financial education integrity.

  • The Avengers: Saving the Day,” Marvel Comics
  • “The Story of the Federal Reserve System,” by Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • “I Got Bank!: What My Granddad Taught Me About Money,” by Teri Williams
  • “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko,” by Daniel H. Pink

On The Lighter Side

Sometimes the lessons that sink in the farthest are those learned while not paying close attention. Below are a collection of humorous books that convey important messages about personal finance without reading like a how-to guide or economics textbook.

  • “Liar’s Poker,” by Michael Lewis
  • “The Ascent of Rum Doodle,” by W.E. Bowman
  • “Jayber Crow,” by Wendell Berry
  • “The Wealthy Barber,” by David Chilton


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