Beginning in January, GHS will be reissuing VISA Platinum Credit Card(s) and Debit Card(s).  Not only will these cards have a newly designed look, they will also employ EMV chip technology.  This technology improves payment security when used at chip enabled terminals, and makes these cards more difficult to be counterfeited.  These cards will work at all retailers you currently use; even those who do not support chip technology.  Please keep your mailing information up to date with us and be on the lookout for your new enhanced card.

As part of this upgrade, all credit cards will be issued new credit card account numbers.  If you have an automatic payment set up to make payments on your GHS VISA credit card, after January 25th, 2016 you will need to contact GHS to update your payment processors or schedule them from home using the GHS online banking portal.  Any automatic payments from a bill pay processor will need to be updated with your new account number and payment address.  If you have any recurring transactions on your credit card (utility companies, internet service, cell phone providers, membership fees, etc.) please contact them with your new card number.

Also, we are excited to announce that in January, our VISA ScoreCard Rewards program will be upgraded too.  All points that you have earned at the time of this change will be moved over to the new program and will not be lost.  The new program will offer additional products and services as compared to our current program.  Please watch for future correspondence with additional details.

If you have any questions regarding these enhancements, please stop into a branch office or call 1-800-732-4447 to speak to a Member Service Representative.  Thank you.