How to Avoid Overdraft Fees


  • Over-drafting on your account means you’ve spent more than you have. It happens to everyone sometimes, and it’s a simple mistake to fix.
  • Easy ways to prevent over-drafting could be getting your pay check direct deposited into the account, keeping a “buffer” amount of money in the account that’s not intended for bills or expenses, and recording your spending to analyze how much you spend and where you’re spending it. This can help you adjust your budget to avoid over-spending.
  • Every GHS share account comes to standard overdraft protections. These include checks, ACH automatic transfers, reoccurring debit payments, online bill pay transactions, and teller window transactions.
  • If you’re interested in extra protections beyond the standard ones, like ATM withdrawals and everyday debit transactions, GHS offers that as well. It just requires an extra step to sign-up.
  • Find our online consent form here: Overdraft Services Consent Form and stop into any open branch or email us at to submit your form.
  • GHS is here to help with any questions concerning your accounts and managing your money goals! Stop into one of our open branches or give us a call at (800) 732-4447.