Episode 11: A Personal Experience In Understanding Home Equity


  1. Home Equity starts when you buy, starting with your down payment.
  2. Even if you didn’t make a down payment on your home, there are ways to increase the value, in turn increasing your home’s equity.
  3. Lisa’s family took some financial hits with home repairs, like a leaky water heater, but that increased her equity, along with new floors and painting over the years.
  4. Home equity loans can be used to put money back into your home, like a renovation, but it can also be used to pay for a wedding, college tuition, paying off debts, and more.
  5. You can consolidate multiple loans and debts into one, low rate home equity loan – meaning 1 payment per month, 1 interest rate.
  6. Learning your value is easy, come into GHS and meet with a loan office who can help guide you through your numbers and get you the best rate.
  7. GHS is always here to help you understand that best option for you. Call us if you need us at (800) 732-4447.