Episode 26: Account Ownership


  • There are several kind of accounts to choose from at GHS, including sole ownership of a checking and share account, a joint account, being or having a beneficiary on an account, and lastly being or having a power of attorney on an account.
  • Joint accounts require both people involved to be present when the account is opened, however it is not required for both people to be there to close it. Both people have equal access to the joint account.
  • Naming a beneficiary is important so your money has a plan for after you’re gone. Choose anyone or any organization of your preference. Whomever you choose is not required to be present when they’re named but you do need their legal name, social security number, and valid contact information.
  • Assigning a power of attorney cannot be done by GHS. This is a legal document that you draft and have reviewed by a lawyer. Once you designate a power of attorney, GHS can help apply them to your accounts.
  • Choose your power of attorney carefully, this person will have full access to your banking and money management. Choose a trusted family member, a proven friend, or an unbiased third party
  • GHS is here to help with any kind of account! Stop in to a branch or call us if you need us at (800) 732-4447.