Episode 34: Online Shopping Security


  • Online shopping fraud is on the rise as our international quarantine continues. With more people shopping online for everyday essentials, scams and fraud have also increased.

  • Check the websites you’re using to shop and make sure they’re real. Look for physical addresses and phone numbers associated with the business. Search for the company online to see if anyone else has experienced fraud with them.
  • Understand the total cost for the item you’re shopping for, and confirm you’re getting it in the condition it’s listed for. Also check on shipping and handling charges to avoid any hidden fees. Read the fine print before purchasing from a new company!
  • Plan ahead for deliveries to made at your door if you’re not going to be home to receive them directly. If you’re not going to be home, looking into a porch storage locker or picking up your packages directly from the delivery service.
  • Use a designated payment method for online purchases to make it easier to track your spending and notice any potential fraud. And before you use that payment method, check on the URL of the website you’re shopping with. If it shows “https” instead of “http,” that’s a sign you’re using a secure site. If there’s no S, your information could be made public without your knowledge.
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