Episode 38: Financial New Year’s Resolutions


  • New Year’s resolutions are frequently to exercise more or to quit smoking, but saving money is a big one too. There are ways to do both if you’re interested.
  • Turn your big resolution into smaller goals throughout the year to make it more manageable. Use a savings reward system for each goal to keep you motivated, like saving $5 for every 5 lbs. you lose or something similar.
  • The 52 week savings challenge is where you save an increasing amount each week. A good example would be that if it’s week 5, you save $5 or if it’s week 35 you save $35. If you do that, it’s a simple way to save nearly $1400 by the end of the year, and the challenge is customizable to meet your needs.
  • 2020 was a tough year, and many neighbors are facing unemployment. It’s okay to not have a major resolution as we move into 2021, and to just commit to sticking with your budget and making sure all your bills are taken care of.
  • GHS is here to help with any questions concerning your accounts and managing your money goals! Stop in to a branch or call us if you need us at (800) 732-4447.