On October 1, 2022 GHS Federal Credit Union made a change to the member PAR Share value from $25.00 to $1.00 for new and existing members.GHS staff shaking our member's hand.

On October 1, 2022 GHS Federal Credit Union changed the PAR Share value from $25.00 to $1.00 for new and existing members. This means that instead of having $25.00 held in your Regular Share Savings account, there will only be $1.00 on hold. The additional $24.00 will be available for withdrawal, or you can continue to have this balance as a part of your savings account.

Membership in a credit union is special. Each of our members is an owner of the credit union. The PAR Share is an ownership share of the credit union, and is held in the Regular Share Savings account as long as a member has open accounts or loans with the credit union. Each member/owner can vote at the annual meeting and has an opportunity to shape the future of the credit union.

GHS Federal Credit Union took a look at the current market, for the counties that we serve, and determined that to remain competitive we needed to reduce the value of our PAR Share from $25.00 to $1.00. Reducing the PAR Share value will make it easier for new members to join the credit union. This change was approved by the GHS Federal Credit Union Board of Directors and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

If you have questions about this change please feel free to visit your your GHS branch or give us a call, 800-732-4447. We appreciate your membership and look forward to providing you with the Relationship of a Lifetime!