Help your child become a lifelong saver.

How many times have you wished you started saving earlier? A GHS youth account gives your children a tangible and responsible way to learn about budgeting and setting goals, while giving them a head start on ways to manage the financial responsibilities that lie ahead.

The NEW GHS Piggy Savers Club gets your child

thinking about their future.

With a youth account, your kids can learn how easy, fun – and smart – it can be to save the money they’ve earned or received as a gift. That’s because money isn’t all about spending today. It’s also about sensibly saving for tomorrow’s wish list, whether it’s a new bike, a computer, college, or to help someone in need.

Welcome Piggy Pack

When the account is opened, kids get a savings register, a savings challenge sheet, and a piggy bank.

Special Rewards

  • Choose a prize for every in-person deposit
  • FREE access to Coin Machine (located at Main branch)
  • Reduced opening deposit on CD’s
  • Free Online account access
  • Exclusive Youth Contests to win prizes

Joining the Piggy Savers Club is EASY!

Becoming a member of GHS and Gigi’s Piggy Savers Club is simple. You only need these 3 things to open your account today;

  • Social Security card
  • Parent or Guardian for Joint Ownership
  • A $5.00 deposit

Plus more perks just for Piggy Savers!

  • Junior Term Share Accounts (Certificates of Deposit). Want to really peak your child’s interest in money? Then consider this special Junior Term Share Account, which earns a higher rate of interest. We’ve also lowered the minimum balance required to earn Term Share Dividends to make it even more child friendly.
  • Kris Kringle Holiday Klub. Kids can save the money they need for that special holiday gift. Our Holiday Klub lets them set a goal – and save to meet it.