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Not only is Bill Pay FREE, easy, and super convenient, it has been designed with your security and safety top of mind. Log into your account now to start using Bill Pay and:

  • Pay and keep track of all of your bills in one, easy-to-use location.
  • Pay one-time only payments
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Save time by using existing payee information over again
  • Send expedited payments same day or overnight 
  • Set up reminders

Peace of mind knowing that your bills are paid on time!

Are you worrying if you paid the doctor bill or if you will incur a late payment fee? Worry no more with Bill Pay! Bill paying made simple, anytime from anywhere!

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10 Easy Steps to Use Bill Pay

1. Sign into your account and select Pay Bills

Bill Pay Sign into your account

2. You will be redirected to an external site

Bill Pay Redirect

3. Select get started now (1st time users only)

Bill Pay Get Started Now






4. Select Make Payments

Bill Pay Start to Make a Payment


5. Make first payment

Bill Pay Make First Payment

6. Add New Payee

Bill Pay Add New Payee

7. Select Known Payee

Bill Pay Select Known Payee

8. Choose Payee Options

Bill Pay Payee Options

9. Schedule and pay

Bill Pay Schedule and Pay

10. View Reports

Bill Pay Review Reports

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