On 3/14/17, our online account to account transfer service will be upgraded. Please be aware that after 3/9/17, this feature will be temporarily disabled until 3/14/17. Any pending transaction scheduled to transfer before 3/9/17 will still be processed. Any transaction scheduled to occur after 3/9/17 will not be processed and will need to be added after the service upgrade is completed on 3/14/17. Please be advised that the one-time account verification process will need to occur after the upgrade to re-establish any external account links that you may be using. The upgraded system will offer benefits such as recurring payments, express payments, and savings account transfers and can be found under our transfer menu as the Money Transfer option.

For additional information regarding this upgrade, please review the “Money Transfer (DPX Pay) Disclosure” located on our website or within your online banking options. Or give us a call at 800-732-4447.