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Convenient options that save you time and money.

Choose automatic loan payments from your Absolutely FREE Checking account and reduce the interest rate on a new GHS Loan* by 0.25%.

*Relationship discount excludes mortgages, VISA Credit Cards and Lines of Credit.

Other Checking Options

Want to earn dividends on your checking balances, too?

With GHS, you’ll find the checking account that fits your lifestyle – and your budget. Along with Absolutely FREE Checking, GHS also offers other FREE Checking options that pay dividends so you can earn even more on your money – and still save on fees:

50+ FREE Checking

Fifty or older? Your 50+ FREE Checking account will always make money. You’ll earn .1% dividends while enjoying all the other money-saving benefits of Absolutely FREE Checking. Plus you’ll receive free personalized checks with a “Preferred Member” insignia. A $50* deposit gets you started.

*Amount represents $24 checking account deposit, $25 Share Savings account deposit and $1 GHS Membership fee.

VIP FREE Checking

If you have direct deposit of a payroll, Social Security or a recurring government check, or make automatic payments, with VIP FREE Checking, you can easily earn money on all your money. You’ll earn .1% dividends just by making an initial $50* deposit, while receiving all the other benefits provided by an Absolutely FREE Checking account.

Premier Yield Checking

Along with all the perks of Absolutely FREE Checking, our Premier Yield Checking account delivers an optimum .25% yield on your growing checking balance of $1,500** or more. You’ll also receive free personalized checks with a “Preferred Member” insignia.

**When entire balance is $0 to $1,499, you’ll earn 0.10% dividends. In addition, there is a $6 monthly service charge.