Easy-to-use forms for just about everything.
Here you’ll find links to all the applications available on our site. By following the links below you are able to fill out applications for loans, membership or other specific areas.

Online Applications

General Membership Forms
From changing your address, to skipping a loan payment, to applying for your GHS Visa® Debit Card, here’s the place to find printable forms that are simple and highly functional.

Please click on a form title below to download a printable PDF.

pdf-icon Address Change
Moving? Let us know so you’ll continue to receive account information and other important notices from GHS.
pdf-icon Overdraft Services Consent
Authorize GHS to pay overdrafts on a variety of transactions if there’s not enough money in your checking account.
pdf-icon Card Order Form
Order a GHS ATM Cash Card or GHS Visa® Debit Card.
pdf-icon GHS Visa® CC Balance Transfer
Transfer balances from another credit card to your GHS Visa® Credit Card account.
pdf-icon Skip-A-Pay
Miss a loan GHS payment without penalty by completing this form.
pdf-icon IDSafeChoice Selection
No one can completely prevent identity theft − but with the right help, you can recover from it.
pdf-icon Cardholder Dispute Form
Please use this form to explain the details of your dispute, and bring it into GHS with you.


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