Financial Calculators

Time to do the math − or work the budget?

Use our financial calculators to easily compute costs – and how much you can save – as a GHS member.

ARM vs. Fixed Rate Mortgage: Compare a fully amortizing ARM with a Fixed Rate Mortgage.

Mortgage Loan Financial Calculator: Determine your monthly mortgage principal, interest, taxes, and insurance payment. Plus an amortization schedule.

Mortgage Refinance Calculator: How long will it take to break even on a mortgage refinance?

Auto Loans: What’s your monthly car payment based on purchase price?

Auto Loan Refinance Calculator: Determine your new monthly car loan payment after refinancing.

401(K) Savings Calculator: Numbers don’t lie. See why this tried-and-true retirement savings plan is one you can’t afford to pass up.

Certificate of Deposit Calculator: Compute the interest you’ll earn on your CD.

College Savings Financial Calculator: Develop or tweak your child’s college fund.

Savings Goals Financial Calculator: What will it take to reach your savings goals?

Home Budget Analysis Loan: Where is the money going? Take control of your monthly budget by taking a closer look at your spending.