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Here you’ll find links to all the applications available on our site. By following the links below you are able to fill out applications for loans, membership or other specific areas.

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General Membership Forms

From changing your address, to skipping a loan payment, to applying for your GHS Visa® Debit Card, here’s the place to find printable forms that are simple and highly functional.

Please click on a form title to fill and submit your form online, or download a printable PDF to complete and return to GHS by mail or in branch.

*For online forms that require/allow a co-signer, please identify the name and email of the co-signer. Once your portion of the document is complete, the form will automatically be sent to the co-signer to be completed and submitted to GHS. If the form asks for a co-signer and you do not have a co-signer, leave their contact information blank on the first page of the online form. After your form is completed, it will automatically be sent to GHS for review.

  • Holiday Skip-a-Pay
    The gift that keeps you giving. Fill out this form to skip your December and/or January GHS loan payment during without penalty this holiday season.
    Follow the link, or downlod and return your signed form to GHS.
  • Address Change
    Moving? Let us know so you’ll continue to receive account information and other important notices from GHS.
    Follow the link, or download and return your signed form to GHS.
  • Visa Account Updater Service Opt-Out Request Form
    Visa has implemented a program called Visa Account Updater (VAU). This program will insure that merchants who process monthly recurring charges will have up to date card information. If you lose your card or the expiration date changes, Visa will update current card information to merchants that participate in VAU, so there is no interruption of service. You will automatically be enrolled in this program; however, if you wish to opt-out of the VAU service, please complete the form and send back to us via one of the methods stated on the form.
    Follow the link, or download and return your signed form to GHS.