Auto Loan Refinance Calculator | How Much Can You Save?

An auto loan refinance through GHS FCU can save you thousands of dollars with a simple call, click, or visit. Our two auto loan calculators can help you determine monthly savings, new interest rates, and principal balance dips over time.

Auto Loan Refinance Calculator

Use this calculator to determine your new monthly car loan payment after refinancing. Enter all relevant information into the fields below, then use the graph options to discover how different financial decisions will impact your payments moving forward.

Auto Loan Calculators Terms

Monthly payment

This is the amount you can expect to pay each month of the length of your loan.  Your monthly car payment includes your principal balance, interest and other add ons that you’re financing. 

Total purchase price (before tax)

This is the total cost of your auto purchase, including the vehicle’s cost, additional options, and destination charges. This price doesn’t include sales tax in this amount. It will be calculated for you and included in your total after-tax price.

Term in months

This is the number of months you will make payments on your loan until it is paid off in full. 

Interest rate

This is the annual loan interest rate for your auto loan. Your monthly payment will include the interest payments you’re making on your vehicle as well.

Rebates and cash down

This includes the total amount of cash and/or factory rebates used in this purchase. The larger your cash down payment, the smaller the loan you will need to finance this purchase. You can also have more flexibility in your vehicle purchase price by putting money down or using rebates. 

Trade allowance

This is the total amount you are given for any automobile you trade-in as part of this purchase. In some states, a trade-in can also reduce the amount of sales tax you will owe. See the definition for “No sales tax deduction for trade-in” for more information on trade-in vehicles and sales tax.

Amount owed on trade

This is the total loan balance still outstanding on your trade-in. 

Non-taxable fees (optional)

This refers to any additional fees that are not subject to sales tax.  It usually includes document fees or fees that may be due at delivery and are not taxable.

Taxable fees (optional)

This includes any additional fees that are subject to sales tax. Usually, your title transfer fees or any other fees due at delivery and are taxable are included. 

Sales tax rate

This includes the sales tax percentage rate charged on this purchase.

No sales tax deduction for trade-in

If you live in a state where your sales tax is calculated on your full purchase price, check this box. If this box is unchecked, sales tax is calculated on the purchase price less trade-in. Currently, California, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, and Michigan allow no trade-ins deductions when calculating sales tax. Also, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon have no sales tax on autos.

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR). All loans are subject to credit approval. Rate and term to be determined based on creditworthiness. Rate includes full relationship discount. Refinancing of existing GHS loans does not qualify. Minimum loan amount is $500. GHS membership required with a $25 minimum deposit and $1 membership fee. Rates are subject to change.

**On new and late model vehicles, GHS will finance up to 110% of the NADA (National Automotive Dealer Association) retail value plus tax and title.

*** GHS’s normal underwriting and processing guidelines apply.