Help your child become a lifelong saver

Do you wish you had started saving earlier? A GHS Federal Credit Union Youth Savings Account gives your child or children a tangible and responsible way to learn about budgeting and setting goals. It also gives them a head start on ways to manage the financial responsibilities that lie ahead.

Our Youth Savings Account gets your child thinking about their future


Welcome Piggy Pack

When the account is opened kids get a savings register, a savings challenge sheet and a piggy bank


Special Rewards

  • Choose a prize for every deposit made in person
  • FREE access to our coin machine (located at Main Branch)
  • Reduced opening deposit on Share Certificates
  • Free Online account access

Joining the Youth Savings Account Club is EASY!

Becoming a member of GHS Federal Credit Union and our Youth Savings Club is simple. You only need these 3 things to open your account today;

  • Social Security card
  • Parent or Guardian for Joint Ownership
  • A $5.00 deposit

More perks just for our Youth Savings Account Members!

Junior Term Share Accounts
(Certificates of Deposit)

Want to really peak your child’s interest in money? Consider a GHS Federal Credit Union special Junior Term Share Account. We’ve lowered the minimum balance required to earn Term Share Dividends and help make it easy for your child to save.

Kris Kringle Holiday Klub.

Kids can save the money they need for that special holiday gift. Our Holiday Klub lets them set a goal – and save to meet it.